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(This is probably largely restricted to the US, and to my sort of particular subset of the densely populated suburban parts of it, but feel free to chime in if you have thoughts.)

In an age of people who move houses a fair bit and are too busy checking facebook to learn anything about their actual neighbors - when is it a good idea to try to lure/trap/take to the vet what might be a lost or only slightly feral cat, but might also be the outdoor cat of someone who lives two streets over?

In the last three days, I've seen two different unknown-to-me cats walk across the parking lot very late at night. I know that the neighbors who back up to my property have cats that are indoor/outdoor. These are not the cats that I know they have. Someday, maybe even this summer, I am going to make the effort to meet them and find out how many cats they actually have, and when they're typically outside. (I've heard them calling for and/or worrying over cats in the past, so I'm assuming they're some* type of responsible pet owner, but unsure which* type.)

I don't really have a sufficiently sheltered spot to put food out if I wanted to go all in feeding/trapping feral cats in general, but there isn't really any foot traffic in the parking lot, so I'm pretty sure I could catch the attention of a cat that was inclined to domesticity. The question is whether its likely to cause more worry to cat owners (or attract the ire of its owner for interfering) than it's worth to the cats.


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