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Hi, I've been volunteering with a local (to me) cat rescue called Forgotten Cats that operates in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Specifically, I've been helping out the cats at the local PetSmart adoption center. Anyway, on the theory that it might help them find homes, I thought I'd post information on the cats and kittens currently at the adoption center, assuming of course, that this is permissible. Who knows, if this proves popular, maybe other community members could post information on cats available in their areas.

Oreo, approximately 10 months old
This is Oreo, a 10 month old male.

Lucky, 10 month old male

Lucky, a 10 month old male.

These two guys were fostered together although they are not related. They have also been at the adoption center the longest.

Marshmallo, an 8 month old male. This is a big kitty for his age.
Marshmallo, an 8 month old male. No, that's not a typo, there really is no "w" at the end of his name.

He's the last of his litter in the adoption center, due to being the shyest of the lot. He's been getting braver though. Everyone who looks at him comments on how big he is for his age. That's no surprise; his mom is huge.

Sean, male

Sean, a male. Also the last of his litter at the adoption center. It's amazing how many black cats were at the adoption center in October. I'd have figured there'd be a lot fewer due to concerns about what would happen to them after they left the place.

Grayson, male
Grayson, male. Looks like a younger version of Happycat.

Rafi, female
Rafi, a female. Yes, she seems to be a Siamese, albeit built more like an American shorthair than an Oriental shorthair. You can't see it in this picture but her eyes are blue.


Olley, male. Quite friendly. A bit scrawny, but I expect he'll fill out as he gets older.

Sabrina, female

Sabrina, female. Rather sedate. She accepts being petted, but I haven't seen her show much interest in playing.

Crickett, female

Crickett, a female, maybe 4 months old.. She's quite shy. She was born on the street, and shouldn't go to a house with children.

Apollo, male.
Apollo, male
Rocky, male
Rocky, male.

These two are the newest arrivals. They're 3 month old brothers, and very playful.
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