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I've recently become a kitty foster mom. Basically, I was at PetSmart the Friday after Christmas for my weekly babysit the rescue cats session. I was talking to the store manager about the store's policy regarding toys for the rescue cats when I saw this apparently unaccompanied cat with a blue collar enter the store and head toward the checkout lanes. There were two other people from the rescue there, but neither of them could take him, and apparently no one else was available, so he ended up going home with me.

Based on the style of the collar, the rescue people think he was adopted from one of the local shelters, then dumped when he got sick. We had to send him off to the vet for treatment. Apparently, the rescue has someone who specializes in nursing sick kitties, and she took care of him for the three weeks it took him to recover. He came back from the vet last Monday.

That was pretty bad timing, but I didn't know it at the time. My furnace picked this week to crap out, and foster kitty may be over the worst of the cold, but he still sneezes occasionally. I managed to get the furnace fixed, and he seems to be doing well for now.

I've named him Isaac after Isaac Newton, partly because my housemate,[personal profile] nancylebov, called him a smart cat for managing to find the store with the food (birds, fish, mice, rats...) , and also because I spotted him between the dates of Newton's birthday in the Julian calendar (Dec. 25) and his birthday in the Gregorian calendar (Jan. 4).

Pictures behind the cut.

The Foster cat shortly after he came home the first time.

The foster cat shortly after he arrived at my place the first time. He really does look sick in this picture.

Close up of the foster cat's face.

Close up of his face.

Home from the vet


And this is Isaac after he got back from the vet. He looks much better.
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