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Here's a second post about adoptable cats available from Forgotten Cats at the South Philadelphia PetSmart. I'd like some feedback as to whether people are actually interested in these posts. If so, I'll try to put one up weekly. If not, I can just put them on my personal journal.

Anyway, here's this week's cats.

Lucky with cat toy

Lucky. Male, about a year old. He's all alone now that Oreo, the cat who was fostered with him has been adopted.

Susi, a calico cat

Susi, female, approximately a year old. Judging by her interactions with other cats at the adoption center, she should probably be an only cat.
Shiloh, dilute tortie

Shiloh, female, approximately 8 months old. It's hard to tell in this picture, but she's a dilute tortoiseshell. Should I even bother to specify "female" for torties and calicos? After, it's notable if they're not female. I've never seen a male one that I'm aware of although they do exist. Anyway, she's a very friendly cat and she loves attention.

Black & White, black spot on chin

Michelle, female, 8 months. She's another one who should be an only cat. quite playful. It took some work to get a picture that shows the black patch on her chin.

Moe, male, approx. 12 weeks old. He's a pretty outgoing guy.

Zena, female, about 12 weeks old. She's a little adventurer who manages to get down from the upper tier of kennels on her own.
Cole, shy guy

Cole, male, about 12 weeks old. Zena's brother and much shyer than her.
Violet, only female among three siblins

Violet, female, about 8 weeks old. She's very friendly and playful. I know she looks black and white in that picture, but she and her two brothers are really a very dark gray and white. It takes very good lighting to see it though.
Arnold, I think
Milton, I think

Violet's brothers, Milton and Arnold. I think Milton is on the left, but the cards on their kennel didn't give good enough descriptions to let me distinguish them. Violet was only identifiable because she's the only female.

That's this week's cats.


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