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Jun. 30th, 2017 03:44 pm
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My cats all celebrated their birthday yesterday and I took the opportunity to get fresh pictures of them all. I don't think I've ever posted them to this comm, so here they are! XD

Since it's so damned difficult to determine a cat's birthday unless you are right there when they're born, we just pick a day for our cats. All cats born in the summer have the birthday of June 29, here. (Birthdays and celebrations with 9 in the date are lucky numbers for my family.)

Cinders is one year old!
Sam and Jesse are both four.
And Gidget, the queen of the house, is six.

my cat Cinders my cat Jesse my cat Sam my cat Gidget

Click thumbnails for big pics! From left to right, Cinders, Jesse, Sam, and Gidget.

(Now, I love all my kitties dearly, but I have to say, I am especially proud of Cinders. That little kitten, less than a day from starving to death, nothing but fur and bones, not even a pound in weight. She is amazing now. She's ten pounds and so soft and sleek. And her picture is misleading - her eyes are yellow. XD )
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This week, Arnold, Cole, Michelle, Moe and Violet got adopted out, but no new cats came in, so the cats at the South Philly adoption center are Lucky, Michelle, Milton, Shiloh, Susi, and Zena. I have a new picture of Shiloh that shows her colors well, and new photos of Milton and Zena because the really young kittens change so fast.

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I've recently become a kitty foster mom. Basically, I was at PetSmart the Friday after Christmas for my weekly babysit the rescue cats session. I was talking to the store manager about the store's policy regarding toys for the rescue cats when I saw this apparently unaccompanied cat with a blue collar enter the store and head toward the checkout lanes. There were two other people from the rescue there, but neither of them could take him, and apparently no one else was available, so he ended up going home with me.

Based on the style of the collar, the rescue people think he was adopted from one of the local shelters, then dumped when he got sick. We had to send him off to the vet for treatment. Apparently, the rescue has someone who specializes in nursing sick kitties, and she took care of him for the three weeks it took him to recover. He came back from the vet last Monday.

That was pretty bad timing, but I didn't know it at the time. My furnace picked this week to crap out, and foster kitty may be over the worst of the cold, but he still sneezes occasionally. I managed to get the furnace fixed, and he seems to be doing well for now.

I've named him Isaac after Isaac Newton, partly because my housemate,[personal profile] nancylebov, called him a smart cat for managing to find the store with the food (birds, fish, mice, rats...) , and also because I spotted him between the dates of Newton's birthday in the Julian calendar (Dec. 25) and his birthday in the Gregorian calendar (Jan. 4).

Pictures behind the cut.

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Hi, I've been volunteering with a local (to me) cat rescue called Forgotten Cats that operates in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Specifically, I've been helping out the cats at the local PetSmart adoption center. Anyway, on the theory that it might help them find homes, I thought I'd post information on the cats and kittens currently at the adoption center, assuming of course, that this is permissible. Who knows, if this proves popular, maybe other community members could post information on cats available in their areas.

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ETA: I have pictures of them with their eyes open (they are harder to catch when they are awake) over at my LJ.
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As I may have mentioned, I got myself two cats last week. They are now called Newton and Marie and they are absolutely adorable. Have some pictures :)

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My mother tends to buy presents for my cat in lieu of buying presents for me. My cat is totally okay with that.

Christmas was the Fling-ama-string

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It's a good lazy-owner cat toy, but Sammy has a tendency to get one of his claws stuck in the string, so it's only on when I'm home.

And then, today two boxes from Great Lakes Cat Furniture arrived.

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just like the title says; random captioned cat pics that will hopefully brighten you day if you need it.
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This is Cat, who was named after the titular cat in It's Like This, Cat, which I adored as a kid.

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My boys

May. 2nd, 2009 08:22 pm
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Hi! I'm Kaji, and I've had cats all my life. I adore Siamese, as they have been a constant in my family. Believe it or not, most of them have been rescue cats -- our local animal shelter calls my parents first when they get a Siamese in. My boys, Tristan and Galahad, are not Siamese, but I love them just as much. I love all cats!

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Alright, so, I'm your Moderator.
I'm a wife and mom to two, almost 27 years old, a writer, roleplayer, yadda yadda.

I used to have a cat, when i was a kid, named Jasper. He was an orange tabby, and that's where my love-affair with orange cats began. Jasper lived to be about 19 years old, before succumbing to complications brought on by FIP.

My current cat's name is Cranberry. Actually, i have 3 cats, but Cranberry is my baby. We adopted him on 11.19.07.

Sharing living quarters with Cranberry are our two new additions: Lily and Herman.
Brownies if you tell me their namesake.

Lily belongs to my 6 yr old daughter, and Herman is my husband's favourite.

These two are three months old, and were abandoned by their mother at my husbands' work during a freezing spell. Being the big hearted lug that he is, he brought Lily home one night, and Herman home the next. They were less than a week old at the time, so i bottle-fed them round the clock, along with taking care of my then 5-month-old daughter.

Cranberry is your basic orange tabby shorthair (*squee!*) He tolerates the kittens only because he must if he wants to be fed at night ;)

The kittens, well, their lineage seems more exciting. Lily was almost snow-white when we rescued her, but now has grey stripes on her legs and tail, and that classic tabby "M" on her forehead. She's also shorthair.

Herman is longhair, charcoal grey, with seal-point siamese-style dark ears and paws. Any idea what breed he might be showing?

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So. Those are my cats :)

Show me yours!
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