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Does anyone know if it is true that (some?) cats are afraid of cucumbers? And if so, why?

I am curious, but I do not want to experiment on my very gentle and easily impressed cats...
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 Which cat toys have been most loved and are most entertaining? Discuss.
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 What is your favorite cat book?

A book about cats? A book with cats in it? A book written by cats? Share in the comments, with explanations if you like. 
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 I expanded the list of interests in the profile, because it was mostly a list of cat breeds. No pedigree required at [community profile] cats !

Although of course pedigreed cats are also celebrated!

I switched to a cat-themed style, although I am open to the idea of improving it if anyone good at styling communities is interested in donating their efforts. I like all your ideas so far and hope this community will grow and become a resource.

That said, I will share that my older cat's health crisis has reached a very sad point and I will be saying goodbye to her on Friday. So I may not be on here that much over the rest of the week and weekend. But I will be back -- I will have one cat (in icon) remaining! 

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 Hi everyone! 

I succeeded in getting this community transferred to me since its previous administrator had been inactive for ages. 

Unfortunately, the fall semester has taken all my time, and one of my own cats has not been well. 

But out perhaps we can use this post now to start a discussion about what we like to see in a refreshed community.

What should DW's cat community be like?
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via [personal profile] twistedchick

it's free, they even give you supplies necessary to take care of the kitten.

all you have to to is feed them, care for them & clean up after then for a few weeks.

not sure how to take care of a kitten? humane society silicon valley has a 2-hour orientation & will give you the phone number of someone that will answer your questions.

this article has all the info, including links the the HSSV page & calendar with the next scheduled orientation.

if you're not near this place, check with your local shelter, they might have a foster program of some sort.

My kitties

Jun. 30th, 2017 03:44 pm
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My cats all celebrated their birthday yesterday and I took the opportunity to get fresh pictures of them all. I don't think I've ever posted them to this comm, so here they are! XD

Since it's so damned difficult to determine a cat's birthday unless you are right there when they're born, we just pick a day for our cats. All cats born in the summer have the birthday of June 29, here. (Birthdays and celebrations with 9 in the date are lucky numbers for my family.)

Cinders is one year old!
Sam and Jesse are both four.
And Gidget, the queen of the house, is six.

my cat Cinders my cat Jesse my cat Sam my cat Gidget

Click thumbnails for big pics! From left to right, Cinders, Jesse, Sam, and Gidget.

(Now, I love all my kitties dearly, but I have to say, I am especially proud of Cinders. That little kitten, less than a day from starving to death, nothing but fur and bones, not even a pound in weight. She is amazing now. She's ten pounds and so soft and sleek. And her picture is misleading - her eyes are yellow. XD )
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 The New York Times recently posted an article on hyperthyroid cats

It says that hyperthyroidism in cats only became a thing after the 1970s and might be related to some chemical common in our homes that is disrupting their endocrine systems. 

It further raises the question of whether the cats are "canaries in a coal mine" and eventually these same chemicals will disrupt human endocrine systems. 

There is a profile of a New York City veterinarian who specializes in treating hyperthyroidism in cats. 

I am posting this link to see if this community is still active; it seems very quiet but it's hard to believe there is not strong interest in cats on Dreamwidth. I was thinking of starting another cats community but did not want to reinvent the wheel nor divert people from an existing community. What does everyone think?
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Nevin McCown knows he works a job most guys would envy, so as head brewer at Empirical Brewing, he never minded staying late to close up shop -- with one exception.

He'd turn off the equipment in the cavernous warehouse in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. He'd be packing up his gear when he'd inevitably look up and realize he had an unwanted guest.

"There'd be this foot-tall rat just sitting there, staring up at you with it's face asking, 'Are you leaving yet? I'm hungry. Can't you just leave already?'" McCown said with a shiver.
"He'd startle us so much we started calling him 'Jesus,' because you'd turn the corner and there he'd be -- 'Oh, Jesus.' "

Empirical Brewing wasn't the only Chicago establishment praying for better pest control.

read more here
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it's like people of new york but with cats.

they also feature cats in the NYC area that need a home. if you don't have enough cat pictures in your life, go check it out.
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[a cat spends a lot of time fitting its body into a tiny fishbowl]
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This week, Arnold, Cole, Michelle, Moe and Violet got adopted out, but no new cats came in, so the cats at the South Philly adoption center are Lucky, Michelle, Milton, Shiloh, Susi, and Zena. I have a new picture of Shiloh that shows her colors well, and new photos of Milton and Zena because the really young kittens change so fast.

See the Kitties )
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Here's a second post about adoptable cats available from Forgotten Cats at the South Philadelphia PetSmart. I'd like some feedback as to whether people are actually interested in these posts. If so, I'll try to put one up weekly. If not, I can just put them on my personal journal.

Anyway, here's this week's cats.
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I've recently become a kitty foster mom. Basically, I was at PetSmart the Friday after Christmas for my weekly babysit the rescue cats session. I was talking to the store manager about the store's policy regarding toys for the rescue cats when I saw this apparently unaccompanied cat with a blue collar enter the store and head toward the checkout lanes. There were two other people from the rescue there, but neither of them could take him, and apparently no one else was available, so he ended up going home with me.

Based on the style of the collar, the rescue people think he was adopted from one of the local shelters, then dumped when he got sick. We had to send him off to the vet for treatment. Apparently, the rescue has someone who specializes in nursing sick kitties, and she took care of him for the three weeks it took him to recover. He came back from the vet last Monday.

That was pretty bad timing, but I didn't know it at the time. My furnace picked this week to crap out, and foster kitty may be over the worst of the cold, but he still sneezes occasionally. I managed to get the furnace fixed, and he seems to be doing well for now.

I've named him Isaac after Isaac Newton, partly because my housemate,[personal profile] nancylebov, called him a smart cat for managing to find the store with the food (birds, fish, mice, rats...) , and also because I spotted him between the dates of Newton's birthday in the Julian calendar (Dec. 25) and his birthday in the Gregorian calendar (Jan. 4).

Pictures behind the cut.

Pictures )
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Hi, I've been volunteering with a local (to me) cat rescue called Forgotten Cats that operates in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Specifically, I've been helping out the cats at the local PetSmart adoption center. Anyway, on the theory that it might help them find homes, I thought I'd post information on the cats and kittens currently at the adoption center, assuming of course, that this is permissible. Who knows, if this proves popular, maybe other community members could post information on cats available in their areas.

See the kitties )
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(This is probably largely restricted to the US, and to my sort of particular subset of the densely populated suburban parts of it, but feel free to chime in if you have thoughts.)

In an age of people who move houses a fair bit and are too busy checking facebook to learn anything about their actual neighbors - when is it a good idea to try to lure/trap/take to the vet what might be a lost or only slightly feral cat, but might also be the outdoor cat of someone who lives two streets over?

In the last three days, I've seen two different unknown-to-me cats walk across the parking lot very late at night. I know that the neighbors who back up to my property have cats that are indoor/outdoor. These are not the cats that I know they have. Someday, maybe even this summer, I am going to make the effort to meet them and find out how many cats they actually have, and when they're typically outside. (I've heard them calling for and/or worrying over cats in the past, so I'm assuming they're some* type of responsible pet owner, but unsure which* type.)

I don't really have a sufficiently sheltered spot to put food out if I wanted to go all in feeding/trapping feral cats in general, but there isn't really any foot traffic in the parking lot, so I'm pretty sure I could catch the attention of a cat that was inclined to domesticity. The question is whether its likely to cause more worry to cat owners (or attract the ire of its owner for interfering) than it's worth to the cats.
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So we moved recently; we now have a roommate who has two of her own cats. That makes for a five-cat household. Sidney is seven, Ava is almost five, Toby is almost four, and Donna and Ven are almost two.

I've been doing the math on vet bills for this year. Sidney and Donna need both rabies and distemper shots; the other two only need distemper. They all need dentals, exams, and microchipping. Ava and Sidney may need bloodwork pre-dental anesthesia, depending on when we do Ava's and what the vet says. (I definitely want to get bloodwork done for Sidney, given his age.) And even with our vet's low prices, it really adds up, especially on our budget.

So we're talking about pet insurance. With Sidney at seven and Toby's history of a bad UTI (though he hasn't had a recurrence since we switched to raw food), plus Toby's doofusness about trying to eat things he shouldn't, like plastic and bits of thread he manages to find, I'd feel better with it. I know we'd have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed, but with our income, it would be much better to get that money back than to have it out permanently.

What are your experiences with pet insurance? Do you think it's worth it? Is there a provider you prefer? What does or did your insurance cover as far as illnesses and routine things? I don't expect it to cover exams and vaccines, but it'd be nice if it covered at least the dentals.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Cat Smell

Nov. 14th, 2012 09:21 pm
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OK, I'm at my wit's end here and not sure what else to do.

TL;DR, my father in law, whom I currently live with, can't stand the smell of our cats. He says the entire house smells of cat, but... I'm not really sure what he's smelling.

He says if we can't get the smell under control, the cats have to go. He's not a particularly petty man, and he does like the cats well enough, so I'm inclined to believe him when he says he smells something.

The cats are neutered, the litter box is cleaned daily and even has some baking soda sprinkled in it for good measure. They're not allowed in any of the bedrooms in case they do decide to go pee in a corner. They're fed a consistent diet that doesn't change around.

How do I get rid of cat smell that he apparently seems sensitive to? Halp!
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